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About Us

Behavior Therapy ABA

Looking for a fresh approach or just getting started? Let us help your family shape a brighter future. 


Our experienced team of professionals will create a personalized treatment plan using the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This plan is designed to build on your child's current strengths and improve the areas of language and communication proficiency, social skills, academic achievement, and independence. 



The mission of Bright Minds Consulting is to improve the lives of children of all needs, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, ADHD, and PDD, using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We are dedicated to providing each child and their family with the structure, care, and patience required for learning. We offer a personalized, flexible, and natural approach to therapy, maintain high-quality employment practices, encourage family involvement, and deliver results that we can stand behind.


What motivates us? That's easy, your child! Your child is the most important person to us and is the sole reason we love our job. We know there are plenty of options for ABA therapy services in the South Florida area; truth is, we have worked for most of them! We created Bright Minds Consulting because we felt the need to do more;  to be better, to push a little harder,  to think outside the box, and to provide a more intimate, family based approach.
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